The widely used trusted sealant

Putty has long been used in domestic construction as sealant both during repairs and installing of glass windows. In fact, many windows of homes in Cheltenham have putty on them not only seal out weather but also to hold the glass. In these roles, putty is very effective. However, when it stays for decades, it hardens like a rock. At this stage cracks start appearing and some parts of the putty fall of. This greatly reduces their ability to keep winds from blowing into the house and even rains from leaking in.

Why You Need To Use Professionals for Installation and Repair of Putty Glazing

When your putty starts showing cracks, it is time you replaced it. This is, however, not a simple task as many people think. A good number of Cheltenham residents often try do-it-yourself techniques from the internet with undesirable results. Putty Glazing – Install and Repair, are both complex works that need a lot of training and experience to master. Here are some of the reasons why you should always use professionals for putty glazing.

Safety First

The fact that putty glazing deals with glasses makes it quite a dangerous exercise. If proper care is not taken, it is very easy to injure yourself. For safety purposes, professionals always have heavy leather gloves as well as eye protection. If you decide to do the installation and repair yourself, it’s probable you might not have such kind of equipment or know how to use them effectively thus endangering yourself.

Repairing windows with putty glazing involves the removal of the old hardened putty and replacing it with new one either with new or old glasses. While removing very old hard putty is not difficult, you might also need to remove some other putty still in good condition. Removing such putty often requires the use of heat gun. When poorly used the heat gun can lead to cracking of good glass thus increasing the costs of repair.

For the reasons explained here, it is always advisable that you hire professionals for putty glazing – install and repair, anytime you need to repair windows with old putty or to install new ones when constructing a house in Cheltenham. Not only is it cheaper in the long term but also more effective than do-it-yourself methods.